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Burning for More

Burning For More

By Kaye Kennedy

This was such an amazing story between Autumn and Dylan. Dylan was the firefighter that showed up to her apartment on that brutal night. She didn't need saving as she was able to make it out okay. He did save her cat Lilly and the boy she was babysitting.

The sparks immediately flew for them.

As they progressed in their relationship they both had to release the past from their grips that they held onto so tightly.

This story was eloquently told. The emotions they each portrayed was wonderfully written.

I'm so excited to dive into book two. I'm so happy to have found this new author by an Instagram post of her other book in this series. I however wanted to start at book one. And one of my favorite topics hot firemen!


He's reckless. She's hiding behind a lie. They seem destined to be, but could easily crash and burn.


His past made him notoriously reckless and, as a New York City fireman, that could prove fatal. After barely escaping a burning building with a victim, Autumn’s beautiful face was the last thing he expected to see, and their instant connection intrigued but terrified him.

Around her, he felt alive for the first time in over a decade. If he wanted to learn how to love again though, he’d have to let go of his past, and that was much easier said than done.


She was still licking her wounds from her previous relationship when Dylan Hogan crashed into her life, doing things to her heart (and her body) that she never thought possible. He made her feel like the person she'd always wanted to be, though she feared he’d run if he knew the truth.

She had to let him go before her past destroyed them both, but she didn’t want to extinguish their fire. What he didn’t know couldn’t hurt him, right?

Dylan might be the savior that Autumn never knew she needed, but first she’d have to save him from himself.

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