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A Purpose Greater Than Sorrow

A Purpose Greater Than Sorrow

By Diann Diaz

I received an ARC copy for an honest review. This was such an amazing memoir by this author. The abuse she suffered as a teenager, forever changed the course of her life. Than her and her parents' relationship fractured the moment they didn't do the right thing. The journey Diann takes us on through her life is heartbreaking and shattering. The abuse and stalking she had to endure through multiple relationships was a vicious cycle she couldn't break in her young adult life. Thankfully, after the abuse to her son, she got away and was truly able to get the help she so deserved. This book holds resources in it and can show someone they can survive and get away.

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These events are Diann Diaz’s recollection of her and her son’s journey through abusive relationships, so due to the nature of the theme, there are some graphic descriptions of violence. A Purpose Greater Than Sorrow is Diann Diaz’s riveting and thought-provoking memoir of her personal journey through the multiple challenges of abuse. If you or someone you know is a victim of abuse, this story is for you. Desire to be loved and feel secure led Diann from one vicious cycle of abuse to the next until a horrendous incident changed everything. At the age of fourteen, Diann was raped by a family member. Lack of support and understanding from her parents left her feeling worthless as a child. This drove her into a life of domestic violence in two relationships and her son almost being killed. Diann thought she had persevered and even began working with victims of abuse. However, working with victims and struggling with her own past abuse, Diann's mental health spiraled to the point of no return. Can she conquer her demons and succeed where so many others have not? Will she rise from desperation to bring back some dignity and happiness to her life? This book provides national resources for victims of abuse and reference materials for victims and those with mental health issues.

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